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Thank you for logging onto my website. Here, you will find a selection of articles and essays from my years as a journalist in Japan.

The earliest works that are linked to the Internet date from around 2000, and primarily consist of newspaper articles for The Japan Times, as well as articles for The Guardian and The Observer.

In addition, there are articles from Japan Focus, Kyoto Journal, the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan's in-house magazine No. 1 Shimbun, as well as publications in Japan and abroad. Many of these are in English but some are in Japanese. Apologies, but translations are not available.  

Some older work for the The Japan Times is available in the ``Article Archive'' section, but most is behind a paywall or not online. Even older work done at Japan Amusement Monthly, Kansai Time Out, and the Mainichi Daily News is not online. Interested parties are welcome to contact me for paper copies.

Finally on the ``LINKS'' page, feel free to browse the English and Japanese-language PowerPoint presentations for just some of the many speeches I've given over the years to universities, business organizations, international exchange groups and others. Please note, however, that I retain the copyright to all of the speeches, which may not be used without my written permission.

 Thanks again for stopping by this website.

 Eric Johnston


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